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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apple Intends Trade IPhone Apps At Full Prices

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The iPhone 3G of Apple has won people`s popularity in the market. Wonderful Tips to Pick eken m001 It attracted people`s attention with its good performance and original shape design after it launched out. Do You Have iphone charger ? Victoria Beckham Fancy It Very Much! It is reported by the media that, some Apple fans published an internal memo of Apple on March 22. The Best After- Sales:digital camera Apple claims in this internal memo that its plan allows U.S. customers purchase the Apple iPhone at full price under the premise that the customers have not signed any service contracts with AT&T.

But as to the situation that the iPhone has not yet "unlock", even if the Apple customers purchase the cell-phone in full price, they still need to customize some of AT & T's wireless service before the usage of the cell-phone. But customers buying the Apple phone with full price do not need to comply with the two – year using treaty imposed stipulated in the AT & T / iPhone agreement, which provide convenience for customers themselves to choose compound wireless service types.

Apple claims in the "to all the staff" memo that customers can by iPhone in the premise that they choose not to accept AT&T contract. Thereinto the price of 8GB iPhone 3G is 499$; the price of 16GB iPhone 3GS is 599$; the price of 32GB iPhone 3GS is 699$. And in the current U.S. market, iPhone 3G iphone casea two-year service contract with AT & T company is priced 99 U.S. dollars; 16GB iPhone 3GS mobile phone 199 U.S. dollars; 32GB iPhone 3GS 299 U.S. dollars. Market analysists believe that the act of Apple company to sell iPhone in full price will limit the interest room of AT&T company with the monosell of iPhone.

In the memorandum, there are two limited clauses. That is every customer can buy only one iPhone in full price each day and the maximum purchase for each customer is ten. There are two reasons for those iPhone subscribers abandon AT&T`s service contract and buy the iPhone in full price, who can only choose to use AT&T's wireless service, After buying iPhone mobile phone with full price, they can choose to sign short-term service contract with AT&T company. In the future, if Apple company has the coorperating contract with other wireless service running company, they can choose the company by their own wish.

The analyst named Michael Gartenberg from market analysis business of Altimeter group indicates that this momerandum exposes a message with satire meaning. We still need to sign a wireless services agreement with AT&T Company after we buy iPhone at full price, which indicates that the development of thinking, of Apple has no substantive changes.

Last year, AT&T company sold iPhone to old clients only without sign the two years service contract. At that time, 8GB iPhone was 599 US dollars, 16GB iPhone was 699 US dollars. Experts speculate that Apple's move may imply that when its exclusive iPhone selling contract with AT & T expires, Apple may choose to sign sales agreement with other wireless operators.

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